Das sind wir – BalanzRock


Udo Kerzinger

He has been an enthusiastic entrepreneur for over 22 years, guiding people to greater success and balance. Already in his youth he taught children with the appropriate tools and tips. Udo Kerzinger has already built up or accompanied companies in four industries and led them to success. His skills and experience are now brought into the company BalanzRock to accompany people to inner balance.

Finance, Legal, Administration

Artur Thomas

Artur Thomas has lived entrepreneurship since childhood. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, he decided to immerse himself in the world of DAX companies and gain experience after completing his business administration studies. In parallel, however, he has repeatedly founded, managed and advised companies. Today he still manages several companies and knows how to handle large amounts of money.


Björn Heede

The combination of marketing and IT is not only very rare, it is also very useful for BalanzRock. Because as a company that wants to work completely digitally, the two topics belong closely together. Therefore, it is a great luck to have Björn Heede with us. He has long experience in a large IT corporation and subsequently developed his own company from scratch. With self-tested marketing strategies and automated advertising processes, he has made it to several thousand customers. He is a practitioner who has proven live what is possible.

Chief Balanz Officer


The only one who is allowed to have the Chief in his name. Because he takes care of the most important thing, that we do not only want to offer but also to exemplify ourselves. Balance. He delights everyone with his warm and open, always good-humored manner. In addition, he loosens up every seemingly complex situation and provides for much hilarity in the round.